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mello is a way of design. it means being curious. not seeing the world through trained eyes. but through your imagination. the past. present. future. they’re something to play with. design is the place where they express themselves all at once. captivating the imagination.

that’s what we offer. a chance for your brand to express itself. what will it look like? what will it say? how will it make you feel? we use design to bring it to life. give it a personality. introduce it to the world.


mello.id is specialized in turning startups & SME’s into brands. Through design, we give your company a strong brand identity. We give it a recognizable personality that turns your company into a brand that stands out.


Our founder, Hana Kawalit, is an award-winning art director with over 10 years of experience in the field of design. Her experience ranges from advertising to branding.
For Hana, design is another form of storytelling. Every piece of branding is not an individual execution. But it is part of an identity that tells a story of who you are.
Her passion for art and design has led her to move from the world of advertising and start her own virtual branding studio.


/ brand identity


our main areas of expertise are:

/ branded environments

/ packaging

/ digital design

/ creative writing

/ video editing

/ simple animations

/ presentation templates

/ wix websites


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