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SOL, short for Save Our Land, is a data-driven initiative and a smart platform that empowers companies to make real environmental impact with the aim of removing plastic circulation in Jordan by offering green alternatives – starting with plastic bags being heavily used in mini marts all across the country.

The cut edges in their custom logotype take inspiration from paper bag folded handles, while the choice of colours steers away from the light greens commonly used in initiatives within this space – instead we opted for a deep forest green and a contrasting banana neon. The result is a stand-out, clean, timeless identity reflecting the future of our environment.

On social media, a simple yet impactful grid was created with informative visual content for the launch. The design approach is in line with both the data-driven ethos of the brand and their human commitment to planet earth.

The identity continues to roll out with sustainability in mind, from the choice of biodegradable paper used for their business cards, to the simple one-colour print design of their distributed kraft paper bags  🌱